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Professional Communication Cable Producer. Patch Cord, Lan Cable, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7, Cat7a, Cat8


Why Choose Us

Although in the Cable industry, the market is competitive, we still get continuous development.

It is not only due to the excellence of our Communication Cable products, our service, our people, but also because of our value and our commitment to customers.

OEM/ODM Service

"Providing the Best Quality Cable" is our aim as a professional Network Cable manufacturer with great social responsibility.

① We offer safety & environmental friendly products to be installed everywhere to fulfill users'demand for safety and speed transmission.

② We make Pure Copper cables without alternating to CCA material in order to ensure decades of high product performance in the future.

③ We only make Network Cables for the past 20 years just to cast our self to be the industrial's high quality symble.

④ Looking forward OEM & ODM Cable Supply with you, to make our society safer and faster!

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