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35 kv overhead lines, share the advantage of overhead lines

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-07
Overhead lines is the Eiffel Tower, concrete pole tower is located in the wire in the air, as a general rule, be bare wires. Overhead cost is low, as the main line. Small make up to tell you, what is the advantage of overhead lines? 1. Distribution network is suitable for small current grounding system, detection of overhead line metallicity single phase, the arc grounding fault, the transition resistance grounding, etc. 2. Locates in line after shutdown, particularly applicable to a Tailfeng lan cable branch, unfavorable with faults running line. 3. Applying high voltage signal failure repeatability, constant current signal is stable, easy to detect. 4. Pilot frequency signal detection, which can eliminate power frequency interference and can locate the high resistance fault. 5. Transmitter security features: high voltage zero start, over-current protection, output allow direct short circuit. 6. Signal and wireless receiver measurement, safe and reliable. 7. Transmitter can use mains and generator or car inverter power supply, a receiver of battery power supply. 8. Transmitter is small in size, light weight; Along the sensor design for minimizing volume weight, convenient to hook up; Receiver designed for handheld. 9. Receiver adopts LCD display, display signal strength, can be programmable signal amplification. Pay attention to our website to know more about the content of the overhead lines, I hope you can satisfied.
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