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About power cable FAQ summary!

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-03
The first: cable outer sheath and the effect of the protective layer inside what be respectively? Outer sheath: protect the cable from mechanical damage and chemical corrosion, enhance mechanical strength. Sheath: within the insulation will not contact with water, air, or other objects, prevent the insulation material is not subject to be affected with damp be affected with damp and mechanical damage. Second: what power cable insulation materials should have the main performance? ( 1) High breakdown strength; ( 2) Low dielectric loss; ( 3) High insulation resistance; ( 4) Excellent resistance to discharge performance; ( 5) Have certain flexibility and mechanical strength; ( 6) Insulation performance long-term stability. Third: the power cable in the process of transportation need to pay attention to what aspects? The transportation of power cable need to be aware of is can't squeeze too much, or directly dropped from a height. So it is easy to cause surface damage, cracking of sheath, the cable insulation are being destroyed. Set up a logistics focuses on the cable supply when loading and unloading, and transportation of note: 1) Packing: pay attention to the packing are in good condition of power cable, certificate of approval to fill out to specification, to the Tailfeng lan cable head must also be tight and fixed on the cable, hold out this Tailfeng lan cable end should add protective cap. tray side panel cannot be loose and fall off wait for a phenomenon. 2) Commonly used while loading: power cable in plate/forklift forklift or crane. And forbidden several plate lifting at the same time, such easy to cause imbalance of the cable force, center of gravity be unsteady, and slip and fall. At the time of loading cable side should have a certain gap, in case the card is bad!
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