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Aerial cable fault phenomenon and the reason analysis

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-27
Due to the use of the cable is different, different laying way, resulting in the failure, the reason is different, today, jiaozuo plastic power Tailfeng lan cable factory overhead lines often meet with some of the faults and reasons, for everyone to do a detailed introduction and analysis! Aerial cable fault phenomenon: 1. Rainy day cable within a slight noise. 2. After a storm comes a calm after noise will gradually disappear, but the next rainy day comes, the sound. 3. in a flat. Aerial cable fault analysis: 1. The distance between the hook is too long. Spacing is too big, the wind and rain, cable shake, sheath friction, an accident. 2. and roof, tree trunks, such as wooden adjacent. With these objects adjacent, easily affected, friction damage. , a long period of time will malfunction. 3. Man-made fault. Construction personnel do not pay attention to during the construction, or drivers to hit the pole, children play with gun shot cable and so on, these are human factors. 4. Natural factors. Overhead lines is directly exposed a way of laying, snow will cause a lot of damage to overhead lines, etc. 5. Insect bites. Such as wear beetles can bite on the cable lead, lead to cable operating fault occurs.
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