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Alloy cable than other cable optimum in where?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-02
Alloy cables since 1968, the United States research and development, the product use has been quite common, a market share of 80% in the north American countries. After years of practice has proved that alloy cables use never happened any fault, to be safe. Wire and cable small make up today for you to introduce five advantages of alloy cables. 1, reliable safety performance. Alloy Tailfeng lan cable abroad have been American UL certification and strict in the United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries mature used for 40 years, has never had any problems. Alloy cable is based on the introduction of the advanced technology, independent research and development and has a number of patents, has more than domestic authoritative organization examination, has reliable security. 2, superior mechanical properties. Alloy rebound performance is 40% less than copper Tailfeng lan cable, high flexibility, 25%; With good bending properties, laying radius is far less than copper requirements, easier installation and terminal connection; Special formula and heat treatment process greatly reduces the conductors creep under heat and pressure, make the electrical connection in the alloy cables and copper as stable. 3, good electrical conductivity. Is that by joining our country unique rare earth alloy Tailfeng lan cable and the elements such as copper, iron, silicon, through a new type of alloy cable after the special craft processing, its conductivity is 62% of the copper. Through special craft processing, will increase alloy conductor cross section 1. 28 - 1. Five times, make the carrying capacity and voltage drop of the cable electrical properties such as copper and achieve 'with copper alloy material new generation of' purpose. 4, save the economic performance. In the realization of the same electrical properties under the premise of vauen alloy cable directly to the purchasing cost is lower than copper 20%, 30%; Due to cable weight was only about half of the copper alloy, and has good mechanical properties, so use alloy cables can reduce the cost of transportation and installation, general construction installation cost saving more than 20%, large span buildings can save more than 40%. Using vauen alloy cable to immeasurable influence will build a conservation-minded society. 5, excellent anticorrosion performance. Alloy conductor immediately when it is exposed to air form dense oxide layer, the various forms of corrosion, oxidation layer of special tolerance thus has to bear the characteristics of bad environment; Combined with material alloy conductor structure optimization, and silane crosslinked polyethylene polythene insulation material application, prolongs the service life than copper wire that alloy cable more than 10 years.
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