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Analytic: working principle and performance of the power hardware!

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-19
Fire-resistance cable refers to the provisions under the flame burning temperature and time, still can maintain the integrity of the line Tailfeng lan cable, must through the GB/T19216 test, actually after the cable fire or, in the case of a fire scene needs to keep a period of time continue to power supply. So, what are the selection requirements for fireproof cables, underneath, small make up to your resolution. To reduce the fire-resistant Tailfeng lan cable joint failure probability in fire accident, should try to reduce the amount of joint in the installation, to guarantee the normal work of the lines in the course of fire. If you need to do to branch connection, deal with joint completes the fire prevention. For fireproof cables, cable under the action of fire caused the destruction of the structure and thermal insulation damage is not important, main judgment is the cable during the entire fire to maintain the integrity of the circuit, the integrity, not only including the cable during combustion flame temperature to maintain, also including mechanical damage and water impact conditions remain. And fireproof cables are mostly used as emergency power supply circuit, the normal work of the requirements of fire. Due to the fire when the environment temperature has risen sharply, to ensure the transmission capacity of lines, lower pressure drop, long for the power supply circuit and the circuit of the voltage drop strictly limit allowed, fire-resistant cable should be at least one. In addition, when fire-resistant cable used for cable populated in the cable tunnels, cable interlayer, or inflammable places near tubing, oil depot, fire-resistant cable shall, first of all, choose A category. Besides the above situation and Numbers of cables, fireproof cables can use B class. Above these is the selection of fire-resistant cable requirements, we can according to the above method to to selection of fire-resistant cable, these requirements for fire-resistant cable is very important.
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