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Before buying power cable products, must know whether meet the conditions of use

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-19
Engaged in cable supply industry for so many years, and found a common problem, that is a lot of customers in electricity when buying a product, do not know what you need products, in fact, many different kinds of power cable products, according to different industry and the environment, the product is different also, so before buying must first understand whether the power cable products bought by meet the conditions of use, only to understand the question, to avoid unnecessary problems! 1. Whether by external mechanical force damage; 2. Whether to use power cable internal force; 3. installation location difference whether go beyond the limit, for 20 ~ 35 kv Tailfeng lan cable, allow the elevation difference between the highest and lowest, should be no more than 5 m. 4. Whether across the railway, highway and other pipes or power Tailfeng lan cable cross, across the river. 5. bending radius is allowed to meet the installation condition. 6. Power Tailfeng lan cable laying section of the soil for chemical or stray current corrosion effect, whether to contain damage mishmash of power cable or gravel etc. These views represent only jiaozuo power cable factory, if you have any question, please call 13538150111 for detailed advice and understanding!
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