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Bundle conductor manufacturer for you to explain in detail the measures to prevent cable fire

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-16
At present, the domestic cable supply has a thin coating, the coating does not affect the normal heat dissipation, at the same time can have characteristics of good heat insulation flame retardant effect, but there are also many problems, therefore, the cable supply is not recommended for use of fire-proof coating way of flame retardant, but should be used, wall, every other way. But when using sealing, wall, every way, also should pay attention to the following questions: first, seal, plug, with every other way, to ensure that single cable fire not secondary to the cable. into the cable trench and cable tunnel and cable tray; interlayer nozzle is tight for fire-proof sealing, prevent the single Tailfeng lan cable or a few cable fire and a large number of ignition cable. conduit, cable tunnel every 60 to 100 meters to set up a firewall and fire door, layered in shaft set fire barrier, power cables and control cables should be set up between the fire barrier, fire prevention control cable should be used fully or use flame retardant cables, to ensure that in any emergency main equipment can safely shut down. Important Tailfeng lan cable channels should be installed automatic alarm and automatic fire extinguishing devices, such as water spray and fine water mist fire extinguishing system, to achieve early discovery and save. The second: must ensure that the fire blocking rigor, thickness. Fireproof plugging imprecise loses the blocking effect, especially in cable concentrated place, had better use soft plugging material in order to make sure seal sealed. Maintenance inspection, it shall timely will break the seal. Sealing material thickness is not enough, cable fire will fire through the seal material list after burning. The thickness of the sealing material should be with seal face cable is proportional to the number, the more the more number of cable seal thick. So henan cable factory suggest fire door device should be installed automatically shut down after the fire. Third: fire-proof sealing layer should have sufficient mechanical strength. When the cable fire happened especially electrical short circuit, leads to the rapid expansion of air and produce a certain impact, low mechanical strength of fire-proof sealing layer, the fireproof plugging.
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