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buyers say town house is \'falling apart on us\' p.g. couple fears $40,000 in repair bills

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-07
Everyone\'s eyes are on the watch, but Apple CEO Tim Cook also released a new MacBook at a company event in San Francisco on Monday and announced Others
Here are five things you need to know. THE WATCH—
Apple calls it \"the most personalized Apple device ever \".
Probably the most expensive. —
Starting at $449, the Apple Watch Sport is for fitness enthusiasts, silver or space gray anodized aluminum, with a colorful strap selection.
Apple Watch stainless steel starts at $699 with traditional and space black.
For those who eat the cake: Apple Watch Edition, 18-
The karat yellow or rose gold version starts at $13,000. —
Including: swipe card
Be able to show you the \"eyes\" of your most commonly used information \";
Customizable faces are available for your choice of dials, as well as many features for fitness enthusiasts and others who need a reminder to get out of the chair. —
[Taptic feedback ](a subtle tap)
Notify the wearer of the new mail and other information.
By tapping the finger on the watch, the wearer can control the music, send Instagram photos, sketch, and send a dynamic drawing to a friend to see who is calling.
Call back by voice or voice-to-
SMS function. —
Hotel room key, boarding pass, and even wallet replacement
Apple Pay promises to make grocery stores
Just tap your wrist to check out. —\"All-
Battery life is about 18 hours.
Charge the magnetic charger by capturing it to the back of the watch. —
Pre-orders began on April 10. In-
Sales began in the US in April 24S.
Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and the UK.
Shiny happy MACBOOK
Weighing just 2 pounds and without fans or other moving parts, it is by far the lightest, thinnest and quietest Apple laptop with \"full-
Apple defines battery life as 9-hour web browsing and 10-hour iTunes movie playback. —
There are three colors: silver, \"space gray\" and-wait for it —gold. —
Control it with new pressure
Sensitive track pad
12 on the screen-inch higher-
Resolution Retina display is now available only in later versions
MacBook Pros are heavier. —
Use a new connector Tailfeng lan cable and port \"USB-
C, \"it combines the power supply with features that now require HDMI, VGA, or USB connectivity.
The adapter will be available before more accessories have USB-C built-in. —
It feels good: Apple claims its environment is friendly (
No PVCs, mercury or be)
And it\'s going to be the most dynamic.
Efficient laptops on the market. —
In April 10, it starts at $1,549 with 256 gigabytes of storage space.
At $1,899, you can have faster processors and double storage space. —
Apple will still produce MacBook Air and Pro models.
The upgrade was released on Monday. AN APPLE A DAY—
Apple hinted that Apple watches and iPhones could become important research tools to help turn users into volunteers for medical research. —
ResearchKit is Apple\'s open source toolset that researchers can use to build applications for disease.
Users can register for research, test, and describe symptoms
And start sending their data to researchers. —
Top five applications
For Parkinson\'s disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma and breast cancer
The app store for the Iphone will be launched on Monday.
Apple says it will not see any personal health information. —
At the moment, participants must have an Apple device, but external developers will be able to adjust the ResearchKit to work with Android and Windows. HBO ON THE GO—
Apple will be the exclusive partner of HBO\'s upcoming booth
There is only HBO subscription service now.
There will be a new HBO channel for Apple TV.
It\'s also possible to get it on the iphone and ipad.
No Tailfeng lan cable or satellite subscription required. —
In early April-
Just in time for the season premiere of Game of Thrones.
\"A minimum period is not required. —
Apple\'s exclusivity period is three months, and then HBO will start appearing on other devices.
Even during that time, you can
Apple devices via web browser
But you need an Apple TV, iPhone or iOS to register. —
When it came to Apple TV, the price dropped to $89. APPLE PAY—
Since its establishment in October, the number of participating banks has increased from 6 to 2,500.
Now, you can pay with your iPhone in nearly 700,000 locations across the country, including more than 40,000 coca
Coke vending machine—
You can pay from the Apple Watch-
Even if you leave your phone at home
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