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Cable equipment should be how to maintain

by:Taifeng Electronics     2021-01-12
is widely used in people's life, occupy a certain market, make people of cable equipment maintenance will pay more attention to, so, Tailfeng lan cable equipment should be how to maintain, small make up will explain to you. equipment maintenance to do the following several aspects: the surface of the machine must be clean, tools placed in accordance with the regulations, should not put shouldn't put the goods. Add lubricating oil or cooling oil according to provisions, and shall regularly check to the oil system was clear. Machine during operation, especially pay attention to whether there is abnormal sound or vibration condition, to tighten the fasteners, regular inspection. Also note that when using the transmission belt is loose or whether degradation, if there is a loose or degradation phenomenon, should change in time. There is around the machine should be neat and clean, the ground shall have no oil, water, or fall on the ground of materials or products. We must be in accordance with the above method to the Tailfeng lan cable equipment for maintenance, this to extend the service life of cable equipment is very important.
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