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Cable industry how to break through the development of situation now?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-20
As is known to all, wire and cable industry is known as the 'blood vessels' and 'nerve' of the national economy, since our founding, especially since the reform and opening, our country economy fast development, the electric power construction demand, build on the Chinese economy high speed development of the wire and Tailfeng lan cable industry has been rapid development of the train. At present, our country also has more than the United States throughout the world, become the first big cable producer in the world, become the second only to the auto industry's second largest industry in our country. In our country with more than 60 years time covered in developed countries through more than 100 years. China's wire and cable industry to national economic development and scientific and technological progress, and make significant contributions to the world economy that have astonished the world. Due to the gradual recovery in the global economy, China's economy seek improvement in stability, bring more development opportunities for China's wire and cable industry. However, relying on the scale expansion of development is unsustainable, wire and cable industry transformation and upgrading is urgent. Throughout the industry present situation, at present, the industrial concentration is not high, wire and cable industry to form scale effect; Science and technology innovation ability is still weak 'weakness' of wire and cable industry, some companies launch of wire and cable is 'new product' in the majority; The course of wire and Tailfeng lan cable industry technology innovation is still a long way to go. The wire and cable manufacturing enterprise backbone enterprises, in particular, should be to safeguard the interests of the whole industry as own duty, actively and consciously perform quality of main body responsibility, resolutely resist any form of quality changes behavior, positive agglomeration industry strong positive energy, efforts to nurture and build a wire and cable industry from the speed type to the latter in the powerhouse, to promote the sustained and healthy development of China's cable industry to make positive contribution.
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