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Cable into the water, how should solve?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-20
1: cable head should seal cut off cable end, either stacked or installation, all want to use plastic sealed ( Use cable dedicated seal set) To prevent moisture infiltration. 2: cable head in time to be in a timely manner after the production of wire laying cable head production. 3: when buying a cable must choose reliable manufacturer must choose the manufacturer of high quality. Due to the impurity in the insulation, porosity and so on is the starting point of water tree occurs, thus the cable quality is very important to prevent water tree aging. 4: to strengthen the management of Tailfeng lan cable head production process once the cable into the water, the early appear breakdown phenomenon is often cable head, thus wire head production well, can prolong the whole life of the cable. Such as cable in stripping semiconductor layer, we stand on the semiconductor layer of the strokes, and then stripped semiconductor like sugarcane peeling. But if when cut, scratch too deep, will hurt insulation, water tree produces some chance. In addition, when soldering, because can't find the power supply, can directly use blowtorches to melt the solder, at this point, the flame will damage the copper shielding layer and insulating layer, thus to put an end to this phenomenon, the correct way of configurable UPS, because of the time needed for soldering generally only for 10 min, power 500 w. 5: the cold cable head cold silicone rubber cable accessories, simple and convenient production, need not burner, don't need to solder. And elastic silicon rubber cable accessories, tightly on the cable, overcomes the drawback of pyrocondensation material ( Without flexibility, heat shrinkable products in the process of heat bilges cold shrink cable, will be a gap between ontology and cable, for facilitating the development of water tree) 。 6: long cable with cable branch box, such as a few long cable, each about 3 km in length, for such cable, in addition to do the middle joint, also can use one to two cable branch box, once one of the cable into the water, will not spread to other segments of the cable, and also facilitate piecewise lookup in the cable fault.
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