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Cable into the water how to solve?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2021-01-12
Into the rainy season, a lot of customer feedback and the cable into the water, under the action of electric field, the water tree aging phenomenon happens, the final result in cable breakdown. Water in the diameter of 0. 1 m set the gap filled with water to a few microns. Existing in the insulation of the impurities, porosity, and insulation and inner and outer semiconductive layer combined with the uneven space form of local high electric field is the starting point of the water tree. Development process of water tree in 8 years, humidity, temperature, the higher the voltage, the more ions contained in water, the faster the water tree development. Water reasons: 1. Storage: when the new tube cable, plastic seal should be used in the two sets of seal, but used to after a while, the remaining is a wrapped in plastic, outside with a rope, sealing is not good, a long day, water vapor will penetrate into the cable. 2. When the Tailfeng lan cable laying, cable laying, wrapped her plastic cable head sometimes doused in the water, the water into the cable; When traction and wear tube, outer sheath rupture occur sometimes. 3. After the laying: failed to timely make the cable head on, that without sealing treatment of cable port when it is exposed to the air for a long time, even doused in the water, plenty of water vapor into the cable. 4. head: when producing at cable head production ( Including the terminal head and middle joint) , due to the production staff of carelessness, cable end sliding down the cable pit in the water is sometimes. 5. run time: in the operation of the cable, occurrence breakdown failure, such as the middle joint cable pit of water will be along the rupture into the cable; In construction site, outside cable breakage or breakdown, also can produce the cable into the water. Processing method: cable into the water after dry processing is very difficult, Such as pressurized with nitrogen blow dry) , in general, no configuration corresponding equipment. Practice, if the cable such as water, just cut off the front a few meters, such as the whole cable has water, is not desirable. to prevent the water, therefore, should give priority to in order to prevent, adopt the following measures: cable head should be sealed. Cut off the end of the cable, either stacked or installation, all want to use plastic sealed ( Use cable dedicated seal set) To prevent moisture infiltration.
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