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by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-21
before use, must deal with the end of the Tailfeng lan cable, and is of certain influence to end the use of cable, so, cable end should be how to deal with, below small make up for you explain the methods of dealing with the end of the Tailfeng lan cable. We could start with shearing 1 m long coaxial cable of the radio frequency, and then put on after the nut, strip 20 mm insulation layer with the blade cutting method, the shielding wire processing, can be shielded wire braiding after folding, set into the lotus jaw clamping, the shielding wire is not exposed, then, is near the lotus clip root strip inside the insulating medium, make the copper line show. Again appropriate copper wire shearing, insert in the conductor sets, tighten lock screw. Pay attention to the core set and there should be no gaps between the lotus clamping piece, before the final set into the copper sleeve and nut, alignment before and after the lock. End of the Tailfeng lan cable must be clean, so that the electric field will average distribution at the top of the insulation stress cone when appear impurities or dirt, the electric field will particularly focus on this one, when the electric field reaches a certain degree will be the first in the breakdown, weak spot for cable can produce a good using effect.
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