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Cable tray little secret do you know

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-21
in the 21st century has been widely used, its role and know everyone clear. Small make up to tell you, the classification and function of cable tray. 1, cascade type cable tray of cascade type cable tray is according to the relevant data at home and abroad and design improvements. It has light weight, low cost, does not have modelling, easy installation, heat dissipation, good ventilation, etc. Applicable to larger diameter of cable, the general is suitable for high and low voltage cable supply laying. 2, tray type cable tray tray type cable tray is petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, telecommunications, etc, one of the most widely used. It has light weight, large load, beautiful shape, simple structure, easy installation, etc. Applies to the installation of power Tailfeng lan cable, also suitable for control cable laying. 3, tank type cable tray type cable tray is a fully enclosed Tailfeng lan cable tray. It's apply to computer cable, communication cable, themocouple Tailfeng lan cable and other highly sensitive system, control cable, etc. It to control cable shielding interference and heavy corrosion protection environment in the cable, there is good effect. Ladder type, tray type, slot type cable tray their respective advantages and disadvantages: cascade type to collect ark with good ventilation performance, no dust, no interference. Groove type, tray type ark with dust, anti jamming performance.
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