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Cable winter how to understand the protection?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2021-01-11
is the popular product of the 21st century, the benefits and functions of it being approved. Winter comes, how the cable for the winter? Small make up to tell you, how cable winter protection. The phenomenon of skin off? From each stage to take the following measures - — 1, the factory transport, loading to transport the products leave the factory, need to keep warm and protective measures. Transportation tools such as the use of closed to prevent product directly exposed; Give a layer of soft mat mat product, such as bedding or other soft foam, etc. ; When loading light to take light put, do not rough loading, bent at the same time avoid the product is too large. 2, the destination or the construction site, the supplier had better send personnel to supervise, to prevent the occurrence of rough product during discharge operation behavior. 3, store: the best products in the store, at the same time on the deposited on the surface of a layer of isolation layer, such as wood, bedding, foam, etc. , to prevent cold be affected with damp be affected with damp, pay attention to prevent products will direct contact with the ground wire and cable skin scratch, light with light. 4, product installation, installation: best choice under the condition of the temperature is warmer in the afternoon in the homework, such as conditional can use before using the heater equipment such as 'warm up' to the products in advance, to make products best performance condition. If it was buried, but in the Tailfeng lan cable trench in advance a protective layer on the shop, such as cloth, bubble. If it is to wear tube, should guarantee line pipe inside and outside the smooth, not the cable scrape. Iron pipe, pay particular attention to the choose and buy quality qualified iron pipe, iron pipe tube of the inferior quality goods there are probably huge quantities of sharp convex point, the skin will most likely wire scrape. Pay attention to our website to know more about the content of the cable, hope you can satisfied, welcome to my company in the choose and buy of products.
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