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Cable wore clothes because to corrosion

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-22
Today in the 21st century, all kinds of cable factory one by one, as if now is the age of cable. Indeed all walks of life all need cable now, why cable outside there will be a layer of protection, small make up to tell you. The cable metal protecting layer of anticorrosive measures we see together. 1: chemical corrosion is metal sheath is not direct contact with corrosive medium, use insulating protection layer. The benefits of this Tailfeng lan cable is not affected by corrosion, people is clever, what all want to. In order to let the cable is not affected by corrosion, to develop products. Electrochemical corrosion and leakage current corrosion 2: now the most widely used method is to use insulating protection layer. 3 intercrystalline corrosion and microbial corrosion: they ultimately rely on chemical and electrochemical corrosion of corrosion on the cable. Therefore, the use of plastic sheath can decrease the two kinds of corrosion. Let the cable is no longer subject to corrosion, people want to recruit to deal with a lot of. Described above, plastic cable on corrosion of anti-corrosion performance is good, but if plastic sheath damaged cable metal sheath corrosion problems will appear.
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