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CAT5E shielded or unshielded data cables supplied by Taifeng shall use invention patents, (ZL 2015 2 0298848.7),
to meet and far go beyond the performance requirements of high-speed Ethernet on CAT5E cables. Since
construction,cat5e cable installation and increase in the relay connection points in practical applications will have an impact
on the performance of the transmission channel, Taifeng CAT5E copper cables provide an additional allowance, and
if Taifeng end-to-end 5e ethernet cable product combination is used, the performance would be more perfect.  The performance of CAT5E cables provided by Taifeng far go beyond the
performance required, at the test frequency of up to 155MHZ, facilitating test requirements of 100MHZ for
TZA568C.Z and IEC11801.

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