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Cat8 Advantage Introduction

Cat8 Advantage Introduction


Now catagory CAT8 are more and more popular , the order quantity increased rapidly recently . To meet the demand of customer ,  we have 26AWG /24AWG/28AWG /Flat cable CAT8 lan cable also patch cord .

Technical Advantage :1: Pass 30 meter CAT8 test 

2: Physical foaming instead of chemical foaming .It is well known that chemical foaming will corrode copper conductors. As the times goes on , the conductivity of copper becomes worse and the resistance becomes larger. If POE power is supplied, the cable will heat up and may even cause a fire. Physical foaming Solved the above problems, allowing the network cable to a long use . avoiding the problem of slowing down 

3:Twist pairs with our patent twisting skill ,make the insulation tiwsting longer and stable .even after loosen of the jacket , the tiwsted force remains the same and the twisting distance for 4 pairs won't have any change to ensure performance and speed of lan cable 

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