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Choose high voltage power cables must pay attention to what issues?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-18
Now in the progress of social development and people's living standards improved, high voltage power cables and the scope also more and more widely used, the product is our company mainly production and sale of products, today we are going to detailed understanding of it, because the product also often will appear problem, we also be careful in the choice. It frequently, what's the cause of the problem, we all know that the cable is power supply equipment and power transmission between the function of electric equipment, so often there will be a failure, the cause of the first to see the factory production, sometimes when I was in factory production Tailfeng lan cable joint appears the reason, also sometimes ontology, and grounding cable system reason, the is the reason why the Tailfeng lan cable itself, the reasons of the cause of the construction and design our detailed understanding of the construction reason, sometimes because of poor construction environment, the product at the time of factory process requirement is high, but in the construction site is bad control temperature and humidity, and sometimes there will be dust, sometimes will appear in the construction of small scratches, can inhalation moisture in the insulation, these are for long-term safe operation. So we are installed and when choosing high voltage power cables should be strict, avoid the happening of the problem, through the above said the hope can make you more in-depth understanding of the product, if you have any questions about our products, please feel free to call my company 13837135523 detailed consultation and understanding!
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