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Communication cable chromatography is what?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2021-01-12
Wire and cable industry is second to the automotive industry industry in China, products meet rate and more than 90% domestic market share. Worldwide, wire and cable output in China has been more than the United States, to become the world's first major producer of wire and cable. With the high-speed development of Chinese wire and cable industry, the rising number of new companies, the industry overall technical level is increased sharply. The cable conductor of the cable chromatography could be divided into two types: general chromatography and whole spectrum. General chromatography to wring concentric communication cable has been rarely used, and the meaning of the whole spectrum 'refers to any pair of conductor of the cable, can all be units at all levels of cable tie with all the colors of the color and lines on the recognition, in other words to qualification, can find outlet, outlet can say to qualify. Whole spectrum of ground unit type cable conductor chromatography most used in such a cable. It is made of white ( Code W) , red, R) , black, B) , yellow, Y) , purple ( V) As a pilot color ( On behalf of a line) , blue, 提单) , orange, O) , green, G) , brown, Br) , grey, S) As a loop ( On behalf of the b line) Ten kinds of color of 25 to the whole spectrum line to, say 25 to the basic unit of U. In fact, everyone need to use the communication Tailfeng lan cable, but no one seems to pay attention to this problem, it's simple to tell you so much, if you want to learn more knowledge can feel free to contact us.
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