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Communication cable manufacturer to interpret cable recycling price comparisons difficult in what areas does it manifest itself?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-17
As you all know, now the recycled fiber market to the problem of how to determine the price of recycled fiber hasn't made the corresponding measures. Set the variety of fiber optic cable, and a lot of brand. So it is difficult to cable price set in recycling has always been. The industry widely think recycling cable price is a difficult problem. Mainly reflects in the following respects. Here are go with communication cable manufacturer and have a look. 1. Recycled fiber is mainly aimed at some manufacturers inventory and residual cable engineering, and this part of the optical fiber cable placed for a long time. There are some cable will appear skin damage, etc. In recycling price we will do it for such a cable from a new evaluation value. For the number of cable we usually is nearly 3 years production of optical cable. The breakage of the cable skin as long as no serious damage to the inside of the glass fiber. 2. Many cable manufacturers, brand a is also different recycled fiber prices high and low. Our company on the market for some shortlisted for the manufacturer of fiber optic cable, fiber optic Tailfeng lan cable in the recycling price is the same standard. For the markets a few small cable us for market value of this cable. So said the brand is also affect recycling cable premise condition. 3. Some conclusions and model of fiber optic cable. There's the price of directly on the recycling fiber optic cable. Our recyclers mainly through cable what type and how many some, to judge the recycling fiber prices. Comparison of the main, no matter what type of cable, the greater the some cable recycling price is higher, this is a normal recovery units unified standard is given. Above is the content we share for you, if you have needs in terms of communication cable, you are always welcome to contact us.
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