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Conductive material to know about the most valuable

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-29
Conductive material is the most popular in the 21st century products, its characteristic and function are very wide. Article mainly wire, tubes, aluminum bus bar, conductive orbit, the form of foil used for electric power, telecommunications, transportation, aluminum electrolytic cell division. Small make up to tell you, the highest ratio of conductive materials. Jiaozuo aluminum plastic power Tailfeng lan cable factory of sulfide has a high resistance to corrosion, and copper is not, this is another advantage of aluminum can be used as a conductor, because most of the insulating material and sulfides. Therefore, will save the tin plating process for insulation before processing, while copper tin plating. Aluminum conductor in the process of insulating paint on with insulation in the oil formation of stearic acid salt, have good compatibility with insulating paint performance. Aluminum sends out the ability of current hot a lot larger than copper, when aluminum, copper conductor equals the conductivity, while the quality of the former only the latter half, at the same time, the thermal conductivity of aluminum ( 231w/m∙k) Than copper, 436w/m∙k) Low, but because a lot of big aluminum conductor surface area than copper, so the aluminum wires have stronger ability of heat dissipation. Today's high-voltage transmission lines are steel core aluminum stranded wire, steel core wire can significantly improve the strength of the stranded wire, make it become an instead of high voltage transmission line, it also has a small surface potential gradient and halo properties, etc. Pay attention to our website to know more about the conductive material, hope you can satisfied, welcome to my company in the choose and buy of products.
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According to the market analysts, exports from Dongguan Taifeng Electronics Co., Ltd. facilities in China will exceed the forecast.
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