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Control cables and signal cables will you difference?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-28
How to correctly use fiber optic cable in for Tailfeng lan cable wiring, how to prolong the life of the cable are the problems of construction workers are concerned about. Small make up to tell you, to improve the service life of optical fiber. Method 1, when people in manufacturing optical fiber, managed to get isolated from quartz fiber itself and atmospheric environment, protect the atmospheric environment, the influence of material parameters into the environment as much as possible the parameters of the optical fiber material itself, well on the surface of the fiber, '' seal coating technology. Method 2, fibers, which bear the stress of life and, therefore, reduce the stress of the fiber to under is a way to improve the service life of the optical fiber. When people make optical fiber on fiber surface to form a compressive stress to fight on to the tensile stress, decrease the tensile stress at a level that is as small as possible, thus creates a compressive stress make the optical fiber cladding technology. From what has been discussed above, we can know that in the process of manufacturing optical fiber cable note moistureproof waterproof, reduce residual stress: every kind of raw materials, manufacturing cable itself must be more than 30 years of life, physical properties and chemical properties and high stability. We only in the manufacturing process on the quality of strict control, can prolong the service life of the cable. Pay attention to our website to know more about the content of the fiber, hope you can satisfied, welcome to my company in the choose and buy of products.
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