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Copper core and aluminium core cable, compared to their advantage in where?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-16
1. Low resistivity: aluminium core cable resistivity is higher than copper cable about 1. 68 times. 2. Good ductility: extension rate for 20 - aluminum alloy 40%, electrician copper extending rate of over 30%, and the aluminum alloy is only 18%. 3. The allowed stress of high strength: under normal temperature, copper 7 - higher than aluminum, respectively 28%. Especially under high temperature stress, both far. 4. Fatigue: aluminum, repeated bending is easy to break the steel is not easy. Elastic indicators, also higher than the aluminum steel about 1. 7 - 1. Eight times. 5. Good stability and corrosion resistance: copper oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, and the aluminum core is susceptible to oxidation and corrosion. 6. Carrying capacity is big, because of the low resistivity, a section of copper core than aluminium cable allows the carrying capacity of ( Through one of the biggest current) High about 30%. 7. Low voltage loss: because of the low resistivity of steel core cable, with the same cross section through the current situation. Copper core voltage drop. The same transmission distance, can ensure the quality of higher voltage; Under the condition of allowed voltage drop, copper core of electricity to remote distance, the power supply cover area is large, is advantageous to the network planning, reduce the amount of the setting of the power supply point. 8. Low heating temperature: in the same electrical flow, with the cross section of steel reinforced the calorific value of the cable much smaller than the aluminum core cable, makes the operation more safety. 9. Low energy consumption: due to the low resistivity of copper, aluminium cable compared to copper Tailfeng lan cable power loss is low, it is obvious. This is helpful to improve the utilization rate of power generation and protect the environment. 10. Oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, copper core cable connector performance is stable, not an accident due to oxidation. Aluminium core cable joint instability often due to oxidation increased contact resistance, heat and accident. Therefore, the accident rate than play much copper core cable. 11. Good copper construction is convenient, flexible, allowing small bending radius, so convenient corner, wear easily; Copper resistance to fatigue, repeated bending is not easy to break, so the connection is convenient; In the copper core of high mechanical strength, can withstand the mechanical strain, laying brings great convenience to construction, also created the conditions for the mechanized construction.
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