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could tasmania connect to a fibre data cable?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-07
People are confused about whether the Tasmania state can also connect the interstate fiber optic data cable, because the technology industry is inconsistent with the state government.
The two cables, about 10,000 Long, will start in Singapore, then head south to Jakarta, Perth, and then through the Bass Strait to Sydney.
TasICT chief executive Will Kestin said the opportunity to connect cables using spur provides a great opportunity for the state.
But last Saturday, Mr. Kestin said he understood that the connection deadline had passed.
\"It\'s a shame for the long term in the state of Tasmania
\"The future,\" he said.
When asked about the negotiations, the state government spokesman did not agree with Mr Kestin\'s understanding.
\"Without missing the deadline, the government is still willing to continue to discuss with the sub-partners and other consortium members about stimulating the state of Tasmania,\" she said . \".
Since June, Technology Minister Michael Ferguson has said the state government is in talks with members of the consortium to use the branch line to connect Tasmania state to the bass channel Indigo Tailfeng lan cable.
But he said that the sub-partners only provided a separate Tailfeng lan cable from Sydney to Hobart, which was not directly connected to the indigo Tailfeng lan cable.
On Saturday, a government spokesman said the proposal remained-not a good one for tazhou.
\"In this case, given that the state of Tasmania already has three data cables across the Bass Strait, this does not make a good use of taxpayers\' money, it will come at the expense of investing in basic services such as health, \"she said.
Mr Kestin agreed that the separate cables from Sydney to Hobart were not ideal.
\"If the only thing on the table is an extra cable, that\'s not what the island really needs,\" he said . \".
But Mr Kestin says more needs to be done to plan the key digital infrastructure.
\"This infrastructure is not as valuable or important as our infrastructure such as roads or energy, which is sad,\" he said . \".
\"The fast internet is what we expect, but the government doesn\'t seem to invest in it as a critical infrastructure.
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