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Details about what is the steel core aluminum stranded wire with you!

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-28
A: this product is suitable for metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry and power plants and other industrial and mining enterprises, under the condition of high temperature and harsh environment, Such as acid, alkali, oil and water temperature conditions) As various kinds of electrical, instrumentation and automatic device of the connecting cables, for ac rated voltage up to and including 450/750 v control, circuit monitor and protection and situations. 2: product standards Q/HHTZH004. 1 GB12666 - antiflaming fire-resistant characteristic test execution Working temperature: fep ( F46) Soluble teflon insulation does not exceed 200 ℃ ( PFA) Ambient temperature: PVC sheathed: fixed installation - 40 ℃, the fixed installation - 15 ℃ fluorine plastic and silicone rubber sheath: fixed installation - 60 ℃, the fixed installation - installation temperature under installation should not below 0 ℃ ( Fluorine plastic, silicone rubber and nitrile butadiene sheathed cable not below 25℃) 。 allows bending radius: not small armoured Tailfeng lan cable for 6 times of cable diameter copper tape screened or small steel tape armoured cable for 12 times of overall diameter for fluorine plastic insulated and sheathed cable small 8 times of cable diameter KFFRP high-temperature cable with oil resistant, waterproof, wear-resistant, resistant to acid and alkali, and various chemical reagent and all kinds of corrosive gas, aging, not burning, excellent performance; Is mainly used in metallurgy, electric power, chemical, oil and other industrial and mining enterprises in the high temperature, low temperature and various harsh environments for electric, instrument cables and automatic control system of the transmission line.
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