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Don't damaged wire and how to receive?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2021-01-12
1: wire receive a case, the simplest and most direct method is to buy buy buy on the net, because the Internet friends sharing weal and woe, they at home receive on television and computer, are recommended to receive box, generally receive a case of professional on price is not expensive, is usually a few dollars, but the function is more brave. Like cable box, divided into multi-level design, dedicated to the placed at the bottom of the strip, whereas the upper can put computer router or TV set-top boxes, and so on. 2: fixed method, many families in the treatment of the wall line, basic it is to use nail wall type design should be fixed on it, but this design has a big defect, it can only be fixed, and is the process more troublesome, but also for the wall has certain damage, for ceramic tile wall is helpless, even so, but many rural families will still follow the old way, the results is visible to the naked eye, after all. And upgrade of the fixed method, it is to use wire hook in the form of the fold. It can not only separate plug placement, but also can make a batch of wire placed in the link above, due to not fall to the ground state, appear neat a lot of natural visual look, now receive a hook on the market at the same time, is to use super glue stick wall type design collocation, so don't worry to will be on the wall is damaged, even the same glass wall and ceramic tile can be able to apply. 3: thread tied wrapped as early, late or soft aluminum with magic back glue bind silk thread strapping, strapping a intervals, it is recommended to use the former, because the former is more convenient, such as on the theory of bundle loosening. Although good, this kind of method is also the most saving way, but there are a lot of concerns, you may not into consideration. 4: set behind the TV set, computer is the most cannot bear to look into space, messy wires is not only not beautiful also easy to dust. pipe can be together all the wires, a bit like the kind commonly used in the office, just home to buy to have a smaller size. Article 5: wire covered wire is more near TV, especially hanging TV, TV ark is still some distance, several lines of crooked hangs down, very not good-looking, can use wire covered at this time. 6: Tailfeng lan cable tube fixed to one stick up or trouble? It doesn't matter and convenient operation. Envelope tube is actually a plastic spiral pipe, the cable can be easily wrapped in spiral tube, do the whole package, looks like a thread. 7: Richard line is everyone some home appliances, wires, power cords, cable without or only temporarily, if not fixed up, often appear messy, also take up a lot of space. To do this time? Don't worry, wire receive artifact can help you, easily solve the problem. It can stick on the desktop or wall, cabinet and good-looking, can not only for decoration save a space again. 8: recycling method first, we need to arrange all at sixes and sevens data line is clear, and then take home with clothes-pin at ordinary times the folded wire clamp, do not like the hairpin, rope, even the old magic stick can also do the same thing. Put one label, and then write the name of the wire connection, convenient use in the future. Ran out of paper, be sure to keep paper core, shopping gift paper box, shoebox, also it is the king of all kinds of waste recycling. 9: modification method, this method is a little the feeling of artistic creation, through interesting furnishing articles or special winding shape, long wires into visual art image of the unique style. Method is not difficult, need to start your imagination to create strong, oh. 10, a paper bag in a computer or television behind all kinds of wire you use every day? Of course not! ! So spare wire hanging down, Lou in the outside appearance is not too ugly. Can we come the computer 'sewn' a 'pocket', is actually paper cut a pocket shape, then with transparent adhesive behind the computer.
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