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Fiber optic cable main measures to prevent lightning

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-04
With the constant improvement of network technology, optical fiber as the integrated wiring system used to transmit data in a medium, with transmission rate, distance etc, and got people to agree. is not conductive, has good protection performance, then today cable manufacturer to and everybody in detail in the integrated wiring project construction under the main measures of lightning protection of fiber optical fiber. 1, for aerial optical Tailfeng lan cable, overhead suspension wire should be electrical connections and every 2 km on a grounding, grounding can be directly when the grounding or by suitable surge protection device. Such alignment with earth wire of protection. 2, after the cable into the terminal box, terminal box, they can after the lightning current into the cable metal layer, terminal box earthing can rapidly release the lightning current, protection. Using direct buried cable armoring layer and strengthen the core, outer sheath of polyethylene sheath, which can effectively anticorrosive and rat bite. Above is the small make up cable manufacturer share with you about the fiber optic cable main measures to prevent lightning little knowledge, thank you for watching, you can feel free to contact us if you have any need.
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