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Flame retardant fire-resistant cable installation problems which should be paid attention to when!

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-16
Antiflaming fire-resistant cable refers to the flame safe operation of the Tailfeng lan cable to be able to keep certain amount of time, this feature determines the antiflaming fire-resistant cable in modern urban and industrial construction plays an important role, because once the fire, control, monitor, guide and alarm systems such as power supply circuit must maintain normal work. Antiflaming fire-resistant cable is mainly used in fire fighting equipment, emergency power supply to the user fire alarm equipment, ventilation and smoke exhaust equipment, guide line lights, emergency power supply socket, emergency use elevator, such as the power supply circuit. When installing antiflaming fire-resistant cable staff need to pay attention to the following questions, jiaozuo plastic cable supply factory is for everyone to do a detailed introduction and analysis of! First: when antiflaming fire-resistant cable used for cable cable tunnel, in cable interlayer, or in the pipeline, oil depot near flammable places such as the antiflaming fire-resistant cable shall, first of all, choose A category. Despite the situation, and the less number of cable configuration, should choose B type flame retardant fire-resistant cable. Second: flame retardant fire-resistant Tailfeng lan cable is mostly used in emergency power supply power supply circuit, requirements of fire can work normally. Due to the fire when the environment temperature has risen sharply, to ensure the transmission capacity of lines, lower pressure drop, long for the power lines and strict limit allowed pressure drop of the loop, antiflaming fire-resistant cable should be at least one notch. Third: flame retardant fire-resistant cable cannot be used as a high temperature resistant cable. Fourth: to reduce cable joint failure probability in fire accident, should try to reduce the amount of joint in the installation, to guarantee the normal work of the lines in the fire. If you need to do to branch connection, deal with joint completes the fire prevention.
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