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For the quality of the steel core aluminum stranded wire control, have to know the content!

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-30
This is the high voltage Tailfeng lan cable dc withstand voltage and leakage current test, so you need to voltage is larger, therefore, must be within the scope of the absolute safety of space, do this test, communication Tailfeng lan cable manufacturer to remind you, pay attention to safety. Test steps: according to the test wiring diagram wiring by one man, after the wiring check by another person, the content including the test connection with and without error, if appropriate, the full scale test instrument field layout is reasonable, the location of the test personnel is correct. To fully discharge the cable, indicating instrument zero, voltage regulator at zero. Measurement between the power supply and power supply voltage value of fire, earth, power supply of fire, and earth wire should be to the corresponding terminal of single-phase voltage regulator. Give booster circuit breaker on the power, and electricity, and then use single phase voltage regulator gradually step up to a predetermined test voltage values: 0. 25, 0. 5, 0. 75 times of all stay under the test voltage for 1 minute, read the leakage current value, in 1. 0 times test voltage read 1 minutes and 5 minutes under the leakage current value, transition and leakage current value should be read for 10 minutes and 15 minutes. After test, first the single-phase voltage regulator in booster circuit back to zero and cut off power supply. After each test, the cable must be first by the resistance of discharge, and to discharge directly. Discharge, the insulation rod should be used, and can according to the size of the subjects in discharge spark, probably understand its insulation condition. Again before the test, it is necessary to check whether the ground is already from the diverse subjects phase. Communication Tailfeng lan cable manufacturer to remind you that safe.
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