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Henan electric power cable industry development should focus on environmental protection products

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-26
Over the years has put forward the concept of global village ', the world is becoming more and more small, the environmental problem has already no longer is a problem of a country, but the common problem of the world, is the common problem of the entire human race. In recent years, in the manufacture of cable supply, we also see environmental protection products more and more get the favour of consumer, also can find that product to the international trend of environmental protection. So the energy conservation and environmental protection in the production of products is the main body, the development of henan cable supply industry has to 'a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly, contribute to society' as the theme. At the same time of pay attention to technology, pay attention to save resources. In the future, for domestic wire and cable industry, will be the time for the birth of a miracle, but at the same time for the other does not pay attention to the core technology and environmental protection and utilization of resources of enterprises, is the moment of disaster. Small make up think henan power Tailfeng lan cable industry in the future, it is a long road enterprise must seize the core driving force, change the development mode, win the future development of the initiative.
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