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Henan electric power cable plastic copper cable used daily what protective measures

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-26
Plastic copper cable in everyday use, must have certain protective measures, so, how should protect, below, small make up will explain to you the henan power cable plastic copper Tailfeng lan cable used daily what protective measures. Avoid are placed in high temperature, damp place, should be kept dry and ventilated indoor. And avoid fire cable tray on a hot, damp places, the military should be kept dry, ventilated, avoid contact with the surface to the corrosive liquid. And regular maintenance, general centralized maintenance once each quarter. After a soft cloth to wipe the surface dirt track, special wax polish evenly to wipe the surface, wait and polished, with a clean soft cloth, moistureproof. In addition, it is routine maintenance, use a clean soft cloth to wipe dust trace can be surface of recurrence. Do not use wet cloth to avoid with the acid, alkali chemical contact with oily substances. Above these is henan electric cable supply plastic copper cable used daily protection, I hope it can help you! We are specializing in the production of 35 kv overhead lines, henan communication cable, optical fiber cable manufacturer, the manufacturer of cable supply, overhead wire manufacturers, the main products are: overhead lines, 35 kv overhead lines, communication cable, optical cable, cluster wire, computer cable etc. ,
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