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Henan electric power cable to your attention about the laying of submarine cables

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-26
The laying of submarine cables and cable supply is different, some parts need to pay attention to, the following, henan cable supply will tell you the laying of submarine cables. Notes in the laying of submarine cables in general there are these: of the deep laying, cable laying the boat as he put the release cable, at the same time using underwater monitor, monitor and adjust underwater remote control car from time to time, to control the laying ship speed, direction and speed of laying cable, to bypass the uneven places and rock, prevent damage cable. For shallow laying, first the cable to the sea by ship, cable on the tyres, cable is set on the life buoy, floating in the water. tractor traction on again through the bank, to pull the cable ashore, Tailfeng lan cable ashore after demolition tires, make the cable sinking to the bottom of the sea. In addition, you need to pay attention to is the Tailfeng lan cable laying, by controlling the laying ship sailing speed, cable release speed to control cable tension, water entry Angle and prevent damage due to bending radius is too small or too much tension cable. These are matters of laying submarine cables need to be aware of, these things for submarine cable can normal laid is has a great influence.
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