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Henan power cable factory tell you refractory cables and the difference between the flame retardant cable

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-26
is more, the kinds of fire-resistant cable and flame retardant cable are two of them, you know what is the difference between refractory cables and flame retardant cable, below, will tell you fire-resistant cable and power cable manufacturer in henan flame retardant Tailfeng lan cable. Fire-resistant cable is to rely on refractory layer fireproof mica materials, heat resistant properties, ensure the normal order of the cables in the fire also work. It can be resistant to burn for a long period of time, even if the polymer of the cable section on fire burned, can also ensure the normal operation of lines. These are fire-resistant cable and the difference between the flame retardant cable, hope to be of help! We are specializing in the production of 35 kv overhead lines, henan communication cable, optical fiber cable manufacturer, the manufacturer of cable supply, overhead wire manufacturers, the main products are: overhead lines, 35 kv overhead lines, communication cable, optical cable, cluster wire, computer cable etc. ,
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