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High temperature wire insulation layer thickness on the decisive role of big?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2021-01-12
High temperature wire insulation layer thickness according to the working electric version of the Tailfeng lan cable and nominal section to determine, it should not only guarantee under a voltage and impulse voltage will not be breakdown, and to ensure that the Tailfeng lan cable insulation during normal construction from mechanical to bad. In oil paper insulation is rubber insulation and poly vinyl Syria has strong heat resistance insulation, often running temperature can reach hu ℃, high dielectric strength. Cats in oil paper insulation with children up to and including 35 kv voltage class, add hydraulic oil impregnated paper insulation used in more than 60 kv voltage class. Paper insulation is easily absorb moisture, make insulation intensity is greatly reduced, thus making the except to remove moisture content well oiled processing, also with gold foot sheath can prevent the water of shooting. In addition, the paper can be less deflection of the insulation, thus provides the high temperature wire * allowed bending radius and laying of small degrees. For these, should pay special attention to in the construction, to ensure that the insulation performance is good.
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