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Household electrical wiring during the installation process how to meet?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-30
Domestic outfit, the layout of the wire line is a science, users of electricity safety for you, today the linyi wire and Tailfeng lan cable factory give you a simple analysis of the home installs wiring requirements. 1, strong and weak electric wire to separate: heavy current and weak current cannot cross distribution, more can't use the same wiring boxes. Standard is strong and weak electricity separately in two different terminal box, and the spacing between the two must be greater than 150 mm. 2, line to the horizontal flat vertical, horizontal flat vertical wires to now form a wiring construction standard, but also has a lot of the early construction personnel graph save trouble and diagonal lines. Slash laid seems convenient save money, but as a concealed work wiring project is not convenient maintenance. 3, electrical, gross section to standard: with insulation casing composed of a set of wires, the total cross section according to the rules cannot exceed 40% of the casing diameter of the mouth, that is to set aside 60% of activity space. Wire at work will produce a large quantity of heat, if space is not enough and too crowded casing wire, will reduce the heat dissipation space wire, reduce the service life. 4, wire insulation tube should be covered: dark bury line cannot be directly into the plaster layer, to coat the wire insulation tube. The casing wires cannot have distorted and connectors. In general, a set of wires buried cloth does not allow more than three turn, more than three turn to pass box. In domestic outfit for fear of affect beautiful and easy, when a group of wires laid around a few turn, short time won't affect use, but one of the wires out of the question in the future, will not be able to use a set of wire.
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