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Household electrical wiring with aluminium wire or copper wire good?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-29
A: the winding around the way. The winding structure at the time of design should be carried out in accordance with the state of motion, it around surround in the center of the tensile, you must ensure that it is the best in the mating pitch, and tensile center also require is the one of the most stable. In addition, the process of the hinge must ensure that has the smallest friction, to use the best diameter, such as its diameter of wire core motion state is to ensure the best, otherwise will cause the cable core. 2: incorrect conductor structure. Due to cable drag chain again in use process often need to move or most cables are used in the need to repeatedly drag and drop, so in this kind of cable inside the conductor also has a lot of physical performance requirements, such as its internal wires must have high flexibility. Normally the flexibility of the cable is increase with the decrease of the conductor diameter, but in choosing a conductor can't choose the diameter is too small, too fine words will lead to cable, the phenomenon of the wires. In fact about the best Chinese cable diameter of the Tailfeng lan cable network through a series of experiments to calculate calculate out early, so in the choice of time can undertake choosing according to the data directly, the best Tailfeng lan cable diameter tend to the tensile properties and its flexibility is one of the best. 3: the matching of raw materials. Usually at the time of making cable using different raw materials, it's properties are also different. For example some cable resistance to low temperature is better, and some cable cost is relatively low, and so on. But no matter what kind of cable, in the process of using the sheath must ensure that has high wear resistance, and support for its flexibility and performance also have certain requirements. Above is a common three broken cable drag chain core reason, in addition, when the cable installation if not carried out in accordance with the normal operation also leads to its, the phenomenon of the broken core, such as the installation of the cable to a long period of time when the seams, etc. Therefore want to avoid cable broken core, every link should pay special attention to install and use. More cable supply products, please visit: http://www. jzsldl。 com/xwzx/
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