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How much can the mechanical load of the cable?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-21
In cabtyre Tailfeng lan cable production process, often appear all sorts of quality problems, the following is for such preliminary summary and analysis of the quality problem: 1, die sleeve bearing line is too long or too short, the die is not smooth and the aperture is too large; The nose, die, or low body temperature; Rubber material and small plastic are likely to lead to cabtyre Tailfeng lan cable surface is not smooth. 2, the supply of rubber is not clean, containing impurities. Rubber scorch time is too short; Squeeze rubber fuselage, the nose, or mouth mold temperature is too high; The nose flow inside rubber and rubber material stranded dead Angle; Screw is not smooth, viscose, etc are likely to lead to cabtyre cable surface clinker particles ( Early vulcanized rubber particles) Or impurities. 3, die set is not smooth, without chamfering, impurities or cooked rubber particles plug die; In sulfide tube pulling a scratch; Sulfide tube outlet seal rubber gasket small aperture, etc are likely to lead to cabtyre cable surface scratch, scratch. 4, rubber profile with fine holes phenomenon, rubber vulcanization or inadequate into exhausting too fast, is stranded wire or cable connector, steam into the wire core inside.
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