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How The Networks And Cable Companies Can Kill Aereo

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-02-22
Tech start-
Recently, up Aereo has created a lot of trouble in Hollywood.
The company provides live TV services to users and transmits them to the Internet.
Subscribe to a $10 connection device per month.
Of course, these networks claiming copyright violations have been prosecuted, but a judge recently refused to approve the ban against Aereo.
In response, News Corp.
Fox has been threatened to become a cable subscription service.
News Group last week
Chase Carey, chief operating officer of Bernstein Research, said: Todd Juenger offers a compelling alternative. (
Subscription is required, please report here. )
He believes that cable companies can hurt or even kill Aereo like they hurt Tivo.
In 1999, Tivo comes out with an excellent device that lets you record TV shows on your hard drive and play them all the time.
Many experts say it will seriously disrupt the TV model and the panicked network is being sued.
But Tivo doesn\'t end the TV as we know it.
Instead, Tailfeng lan cable companies
Tivo\'s technology has been selected and DVRs have been built into their devicestop boxes.
Now, Tivo is a troubled company, and cable companies have the technology to help them retain their customers.
Juenger believes that the real attraction of Aereo is not that it provides people with a way to cut off the wires (
Many people, including myself, have suggested).
If people really want to watch radio and television without Tailfeng lan cable, it\'s easy enough to buy a digital antenna.
Instead, he thinks the real appeal of Aereo is that it allows people to watch live TV on tablets and mobile phones.
The real selling point is every aspect of TV.
If this is true, cable companies can quickly eliminate Aereo by working hard to make TV a reality.
You can already watch a network like ESPN online by authenticating your cable subscription.
Why not extend to the broadcast network?
It\'s not easy.
Juenger noted that the main challenge was the jungle of local affiliates and local advertising.
But if networks, station owners and cable companies work together for this common goal, they can achieve it and give people a reason to continue paying for cable TV.
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