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How to choose the high quality fiber do you know

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-31
Although fiber optical fiber is widely used in long distance transmission in the integrated wiring, but there are not many people in the choose and buy is very understanding. Today, we are from the cable on the fiber structure, materials, technology, etc and we explain how to choose and buy high quality optical fiber products. Skills, according to the material choosing fiber optical fiber using the material and manufacturing process of fiber optic cable material selection is the key to the relationship to the service life of the cable. And manufacturing process is an important link in affect fiber quality, process stability, high quality products in the whole process of fiber optic cable production basically not additional loss in optical fiber, 0 or less. 01 db/km is measured cable manufacturing technology level of the basic data. The main materials are: cable fiber core, oil of optical fiber, sheath material, PBT ( Gather to stupid 2 formic acid butyl glycol ester) , they all have different quality requirements, fiber core requires a larger work filling ability, higher signal-to-noise ratio, lower bit error rate, longer amplifier spacing, high information capacity; Oil of fiber refers to the oil in the optical fiber tube filling, its role is to prevent moisture in the air erosion optical fiber, the second is padding effect to the fiber, fiber buffer affected by vibration or shock. Skills, according to some choice of fiber optical cable choose different models according to some of the fiber optic cable construction can be divided into the central tube type, gysts, skeleton and ribbon to wait for a few kinds, different USES and different structure, the user can according to the line situation put forward the corresponding requirements. Generally 12 core under the center tube type, simple process, lower cost center tube type, the overhead laying or good protect trunk pipeline network in competitive; Gysts cable by center placed stranded wire or single wire reinforced, adopting SZ synthetic cable, cable fiber number can reach 144 core. Its the biggest advantage is waterproof, prevent the strong pulling force, strong lateral pressure. Can be used in direct buried. At the same time easy to split, that is, part of fiber optic fiber optic cable, respectively, when using, do not have to keep the whole cable broken, only will be forked fiber breaking, for the data communication network. Add light node along the cable TV network is good; Ribbon cable thousands of cores, some conclusions can be done it will be 4 ~ 12 core optical fiber lines, constitute a ribbon fiber unit, then multiple arranged in cable strip unit in a certain way, our network level is generally selected cable layer tube type and renew type two kinds. Skills 3, choose according to use optical fiber in accordance with the purpose to choose the corresponding cable according to different purposes, the cable can be divided into aerial optical cable, optical cable, submarine cable directly buried cable, pipeline and non metal cable and so on. Aerial cable require high strength, small temperature coefficient; Directly buried optical Tailfeng lan cable resistance, compressive strength, good moistureproof, prevent moisture characteristics, resistance to chemical attack; Pipe cable and submarine cable are good resistance to water pressure, tension and waterproof performance; No metal cable can be set up, together with high tension line insulation is better, although there is no iron body strengthening core, but also should have certain tensile ability. when the choose and buy, therefore, the user to choose according to the purpose of the fiber optic cable, and puts forward requirements for manufacturers, ensure the stable and reliable cable to use. Pay attention to our website to know more about the content of the fiber optic cable, hope you can satisfied, welcome to my company in the choose and buy of products.
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