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How to clean the joint of optical fiber?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-04
Under normal circumstances, the light of OTDR test curve body ( Single or several Tailfeng lan cable) Slope, if a particular section of the slope is bigger, indicates the period of decay; If curve is subject to irregular shape, the slope is volatile, bending or arc shaped, showed that the fiber quality degradation, do not conform to the requirements of the communication. Not only the quality is very important to optical fiber head cleaning is also a very fine work. Optical union access OTDR, must carefully clean, including OTDR output connector and the union being measured, otherwise the insertion loss is too big, unreliable, curve much noise and even make measurement cannot take place, it may also damage the OTDR. Avoid using alcohol cleaning agent or other refractive index matching liquid, because they can make the optical fiber connector in adhesive is dissolved. Only do clean can make loss smaller no more other concerns.
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