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How to correctly choose and communication cable type?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-31
Jiaozuo plastic cable supply factory think the communication cable type should be selected first satisfy the requirements of the communication Tailfeng lan cable laying occasions, under the premise should also try to reflect the technology policy of communication cable industry development in our country, namely the aluminum wires for copper wires, aluminum sheath for lead sheathed, with rubber insulation insulation instead of the paper, and the outer sheath structure on the development of rubber and plastic protective layer and composite armor, level of outer sheath of the promotion in the metal shield layer and secondary outer sheath and so on. , of course, because the new communication cable products in product quality, manufacturing costs, production capacity and actual operation may also has some problems, the paper insulation of old type communication cable will also be in a period of time become the main objects of communication cable selection. A communication cable laying, along the marshes or water meter, should choose the root of the communication Tailfeng lan cable, can withstand the tension of the water through a small stream general communication with armored cable (optional Armoured should be outer sheath) 。 Second, the communication cable in different soil and different path to the surrounding media, laying its model should choose according to the most unfavorable conditions, otherwise should choose different structure of the communication cable. Three, with violent vibration of the diesel engine, air compressor machine room, between the blacksmith, etc and the power supply of mobile machinery with copper core communication cable, use copper core communication cable should be strictly limited. Four, to directly buried communication cable generally choose naked plastic sheath communication cable, when crossing the railway, crossing tunnels, Bridges, and along the roadbed edge could be mechanical damage of the premises communication Tailfeng lan cable laying, should choose armored communication cable ( Armoured should be outer sheath) Or to take protective measures, If wear tube) 。
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