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How to correctly judge the aging degree of the power cable products?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2021-01-11
Many clients always ask to inquire, exactly how to judge the aging degree of the cable supply products, because in the process of use, products appear aging is a normal phenomenon! insulation aging state, is to determine the service life of the Tailfeng lan cable was one of the main basis. Internationally, each country has different standards to the service life of the cable, there is no standard in the unity of the cable service life of our country. Although there is no uniform standard, but life is 40 years, the design of China's power cable due to cable laying environment, different running conditions, cable insulation aging speed tend to have bigger difference, some just run a few years, has been premature aging and lose the ability to run. What is more it broke a few months, Coal winning machine cable) How many years, the use of it's hard to define what life is. Although not identified, but according to many years of experience, summarizes some jiaozuo power cable factory to everybody about cable insulation aging, can undertake overall judgment from the following aspects: 1. Failure frequency. Or in the operation of the preventive test, the cable insulation failure or breakdown frequency increase. 2. Ageing tracks. line during the construction of maintenance or observe the following content: plastic cable insulation lose resilience and harden brittle; Oiled paper cable insulation oil wax crystallization, insulating paper adhesion; The damage degree of normal operation of cable insulation was increased. 3. Aging test. Capture the complete cable sample, carries on the aging performance test standard. The experiment general users do not have the ability to test and instead to have the test experiment ability and qualification of the unit. Remind everyone here, for cable insulation aging, also is not to say that can't use, just can't continue to run under normal voltage system. If you still want to continue to use, can reduce the load, reduce the voltage grade is used, input dc system.
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