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How to estimate the overhead lines need to data?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-25
The cold winter in the north is dry, air-dried can easily catch on fire, small make up today to share with you the communication cable fire prevention measures. A: power cables, control cables, communication cables should ditch stratification, laying cable conduit to set firewall and mark, according to the standard cable outer should add fire burning materials. It is forbidden to cable supply and communication cable readjusting. 2: all through the wall, floor and cable channel into the control room, cable interlayer, control cabinet and the place such as the dashboard cable holes; corridor end; at the bottom of shaft and at the top across the roof; All should be closed. Three: open cable conduit used full, solid flat cover. layer, channel should be kept clean, and trash, no debris piled up near a fire assignment, measures should be taken to prevent fire from entering the cable layer, a ditch. Four: laying cable should avoid close to the heat source, avoid and steam pipeline parallel or *, heat pipes in tunnel or ditch, not laying cable, if you need installation, insulation measures should be taken. 5: in Tailfeng lan cable trench, according to the environmental characteristics of the cable and importance to the reliable running, convenient maintenance and the principle of economy and rationality, where possible, choose a flame retardant cable. To learn more fire prevention measures, please pay attention to us!
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