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How to prevent power cable fire?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-31
Because of using inferior cable supply products and cause of the fire event really countless, use also remind everyone here, must choose normal enough to buy cable supply products manufacturers, don't to covet is cheap, buy inferior product! Today, jiaozuo cable supply factory is to sum up, how to prevent fire power cable products! 1. Ensure the quality of construction, especially the cable head production quality must strictly conform to the specified requirements. 2. Strengthen the Tailfeng lan cable operation monitoring, avoid overload operation. 3. To test the cable on schedule, and found abnormal should be handled in time. 4. In cable trench to keep dry, prevent cable be affected with damp be affected with damp, cause the loss of insulation, cause a short-circuit. 5. Regular cleaning the dust deposition on cable, to prevent the deposition of dust combustion cause fire in the cable. 6. Calibration of strengthening cable circuit switch and protection maintenance, ensure the reliable operation. 7. When the cable laying should keep enough distance and heat pipe road, control cable is not less than 0. 5 meters; is not less than l m. Power cables and control cables should be trough, layered and separated, can not overlap is placed between the layers. Does not meet the provisions of the place, cable fire retardant, insulation measures should be taken. 8. Install fire alarm device to find the fire in time to prevent cable fire. 9. Fireproofing measures.
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