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How to prevent power cable fire?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-31
Power cable is a cable, cable and other goods. Power cable has many USES, mainly used to control installation, connection device, the power multiple functions, such as is common in daily life and indispensable one kind of thing. Due to the electric cable, so the installation requires special caution. 1. 6 kv and above Tailfeng lan cable joint: a. Installing a cable terminal head, must be stripped semiconduction shielding layer, operation shall not damage the insulation, should avoid to mark and uneven situation, when it is necessary to use sand paper to grind; Shielding end should level off, and the graphite layer ( Carbon) Clear and clean. b。 Plastic cable end copper shield and armor must be good grounding, also should follow the principle of short lines, avoid unbalanced three-phase run ShiGang armoured end produce inductive electromotive force, and even 'lighter' and accidents such as burning sheath. c。 Three-phase copper shield should be connected to the ground, pay attention to the shielding grounding wire and steel armoured grounding line should elicit respectively, mutual insulation, the position of the welding ground should be lower as far as possible. 2. The cable end head and the joint in the middle of the basic requirements: a. The conductor connection is good; b。 Insulation and reliable, and recommends the type radiation crosslinked heat shrinkable silicone rubber insulation materials; c。 Good seal; d。 Enough mechanical strength, can adapt to various operation conditions. 3. End of the cable must be waterproof, and other corrosive materials, in case caused by the water tree insulation aging and lead to breakdown. 4. The loading and unloading of the cable must use a crane or forklift, the ban on flat, flat, large cable installation shall be used for cable car, in order to avoid cable damage by external forces or scratch insulation by artificial drag. 5. , such as reason cannot timely storage should be put it in a dry place, prevent sunlight insolate, cable end water etc. 6. Mine cable parallel with heat pipe installation should keep a distance of 2 m, when crossing, should keep zero. 5m。 7. Cables and other pipeline parallel or cross when installation should keep zero. The distance of 5 m. 8. 1 - when Tailfeng lan cable directly buried installation 35 kv cable directly buried depth should not be less than 0. 7m。 9. 10 kv and below cable parallel when installation of each interval is not less than 0. 1米,10 - 35 kv is not less than 0. 25 m, cross when the distance is not less than 0. 5m。 10. The minimum bending radius of the cable and multi-core cable shall not be less than 15 d, single core cable shall not be less than 20 d ( D for the cable diameter) 。
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