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How to properly maintain 35 kv overhead lines and storage products?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-31
According to many years of experience, jiaozuo plastic power cable factory, found that many customers after purchase of products, don't know how to properly stored, 35 kv overhead lines like this kind of products, purchase quantity are compared commonly big, installed and impossible for short periods of time, so the deposit is also important, if you meet all should take measures such as rain and snow weather! Firstly, the maintenance of 35 kv overhead lines is to rely on experience, such as check whether there is any breakage on epidermis cable, cable with and without load such as fever, should prevent the mechanical damage. Using the load to be within the rated carrying capacity of the cable, have run overload situations only a short time. Another is to consider when laying cable bending radius and so on. Jiaozuo plastic cable supply factory thinks, the maintenance of 35 kv overhead lines, then at the time of transportation and storage, also should pay attention to the following: the first: transportation and dropped from a height are strictly prohibited in the cable or the cable with cable, especially at low temperature ( Is usually 5 ℃ or so and below) , throw, fall cable would likely lead to insulation, sheath craze. Second: as far as possible to prevent deposit in the open air in exposed way cable, Tailfeng lan cable tray is not allowed to lie flat. Third: when lifting package, it is strictly prohibited several dish at the same time. Transportation tools such as vehicles, ships, Tailfeng lan cable to use appropriate methods to be fixed, prevent collision or overturned, in order to prevent mechanical damage cable. Fourth: the cable is strictly prohibited contact with acid, alkali and mineral oil, with the corrosive substance for sequestration. Within the warehouse storage cable shall not have damaged the harmful gas of insulation and corrosion of metal. These views represent only jiaozuo power cable factory, if you have any question, please call 13838150111 for detailed advice and understanding!
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