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How to protect optical fiber optic cable manufacturing

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-04
generally consists of core, strengthen steel wire, fillers and sheath of several parts, according to the need and other waterproof layer, buffer layer, insulating metal wire, etc. Also used in our daily life a lot, optical fiber cable manufacturer small make up now tell you some basic knowledge of the Tailfeng lan cable. The bending radius of cable should be not less than 15 times of cable diameter, the construction process should not be less than 20 times. In order to prevent reverse the damage in the process of pulling cable, end with traction rope between should join the swivel. Cloth fiber optic cable, fiber optic cable must be made out and stay relaxed arc over cable tray. Fiber cloth in the process should be no reverse, forbidden to play small circle, such as surge phenomenon. Fiber cloth, should check whether the optical fiber is good. end should be sealed moistureproof processing, shall not be immersed. These are we in the use of optical fiber cable is to pay special attention to, is because of the special properties of the fiber optic Tailfeng lan cable.
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