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How to store and transport power cable products?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-31
Must be correct, no matter what product storage and transportation, otherwise easy to cause damage to goods, cable supply products even more so! A lot of customers in the use process in spite of the storage products, is in the process of transportation and place a throw, actually this is wrong, today, just power cable products to share with you how to store and transport? First: to check on the cable, with acid, alkali and mineral oil touch, with the corrosive substance block register; The second: within the warehouse storage cable may have damage the harmful gas of insulation and corrosion of metal; Third: do may avoid in the open air to bare to check the cable, cable tray is not allowed to flat; Fourth: cable in custody period, should be regularly back ( Summer for 3 months time, other times can be discretionary deferred) 。 Roll, send down inventory edge roll up, avoid the floor be affected with damp be affected with damp rot. When you register is often pay attention to the cable head intact; Fifth: cable storage life is limited to the goods delivery period, usually should not be beyond one and a half years, the longest do not go beyond two years; Sixth: carrying banned dropped from a height in the cable or the cable with cable, especially at low temperature ( Mercy is usually 5 ℃ and below) , throw, the cable will have to fall may cause insulation, sheath craze. 7: when lifting package, several plate lifting is prohibited. In vehicles, ships and other transport tools, cable to use appropriate method to be fixed, avoid knock against each other or overturned, in order to avoid mechanical damage to the cable. Above is very important, and also remind the general new old customers here, whether to use what kind of power Tailfeng lan cable products, it is important to understand its storage and transportation of some matters needing attention, so as to reduce the loss!
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